A Scandi Christmas! with Christian Ørner – Saturday 9th December 2017 – 11am – 2pm


Scandi Christmas/ Julebord

A Julebord is a traditional Scandinavian Christmas buffet. Served usually on the 24th December with the whole family. Translated to English ‘Julebord’ is made up of two words ‘Jule’ and ‘bord’ meaning ‘Christmas’ and ‘Table’

In this class you will learn about poaching whole salmon and creating sliced pickled cucumbers to represent the scales (great to get the kids involved with), jule-ribber (tender, juicy, slow cooked pork belly), Norwegian potato salad, surkål and rødkål vegetable sides and the Norwegian celebration cake Kransekake. Then we will sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labour with a cocktail made with Norwegian Aquavit spirit and some delicious melkesjokolade.

God Jul!

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