Time to reflect….


July and August are the months of ‘down time’ in the average year of the cookery school.   Time to get organised, time to think about Christmas – although this year I had to wait until I literally stopped melting before I could even utter the word! As I sit writing this in the exact same [...]

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Summer, Supper Clubs & Borough Market!


Summer, Supper Clubs & Borough Market! So with June fast approaching we are all now ready for sun and strawberries and hopefully no more Beasts from the East!! Since giving up my other full time job a couple of weeks ago to concentrate on making the ever growing and successful business that is my cookery [...]

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“This hobby is turning into a business…..”


I had the best advice I have ever received from anyone this year about the Jericho Kitchen and it was harsh! Apparently my face fell, literally, on hearing it. It was a freezing cold afternoon in February this year and I was sitting in my own venue in Jericho – feeling out of this world [...]

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Finally Finding Food Fermentation!


So after a year away from my blog I have decided it is time to return and see if this is a more effective way of spreading the word from the roof tops to all and sundry who will listen about what was my crystalising moment yesterday with regards to fermented foods! Never an easy [...]

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Never ever a dull moment… just rolling with the punches!


I think you have to be ever so slightly mad to run your own business! A little bit of madness is good for you, isn’t it?! If I look back even over the last 2 months, if I had known the journey would I have taken it, probably not!   However, I have and although it [...]

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Slow Food


Wow, what a week!  This time last week I was sitting upstairs in the Turl Street Kitchen eagerly awaiting the arrival of Mr Carlo Petrini, the founder of the Slow Food Movement in Italy in 1986. About 30 of us crowded into the room and we were treated to talks from Shane Holland, the Head [...]

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