• Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a former Soviet republic that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches.  it is also famous for its traditional Georgian Feasts known as a Supra.

    It is normally laden with dishes and continues for many hours and are offered spontaneously to only the luckiest of visitors where villagers ply guests with local dishes and endless pours of strong, homemade wine, accompanied by countless long, nostalgic and heartfelt toasts! We will concentrate on the food and let you try that out at home! With lots of strong flavours and plenty of garlic and chilli – learn how to make the following dishes:
    • Chicken in garlic and walnut sauce
    • Spiced lamb kebabs
    • Kupati – spiced Georgian pork sausage
    • Winter kidney bean salad – spiced with cumin and coriander
    • Soko sunelebit – spiced stuffed mushrooms
    • Khakhvis pkhali – shallot pate
    • Khinkali – beef and pork dumplings (as per the image!)
    • Mtsvane ajika – green chilli paste
    • Tkemal –plum sauce
    • Vashlebi – baked apple dumplings
    The perfect alternative to our traditional British Christmas feast!  Come hungry.....
  • With all of Ghalid's classes selling out as fast as we put them up we are now posting classes for August and December in March to cater for demand!!
    Ghalid has worked in Paris and in London with Ottolenghi, the fantastic London bakery so you are in good hands!  Learn to recreate the finest French patisserie in this hands on class.
    For our first Christmas specific Patisserie class we are going to the Miele Experience Centre in Abingdon, with their fantastic ovens!!!  In this class you will be making:
    • Clementine and Cranberry Cake
    • Stollen
    • Mince Pies
    • Plum and tomato chutney
    • Fig paste
    • Lemon curd
    • Olive oil crackers
    We will provide everything you need to take this home or to give as gifts!  Coffee and teas free flowing as well as a tea break treat from Ghalid!   Book early to avoid disappointment...