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Our Teachers

Ursula Ferrigno


Ursula Ferrigno is a talented cook and a prolific food writer with a deep love of Italian food. She is half-Italian and learned to cook as a child by assisting her grandmother preparing the traditional family dishes.,She returns regularly to Italy to visit family and to teach cookery. She writes for numerous food magazines including Taste Italia American Gourmet, Olive and Good Food, RSJ Restaurant, Books for Cooks, Caldesi and Divertimenti. Ursula is also a passionate baker. She teaches both professionals and amateurs to make an array of national and regional breads from ciabatta and focaccia to volcanic stromboli.

Carolina Catala-Fortuny


Originally from Barcelona in Spain where I lived and worked as a teacher for many years I decided to make my hobby my job and gained my Diplome in Cuisine and Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in London fourteen years ago. My experience in the food industry has been fast-paced and diverse. From pastry chef to head Chef and teacher in many leading establishments. ,,Now I split my time between teaching and running a busy kitchen. I teach about the food I understand best Mediterranean flavours and simple fresh quality ingredients treated with respect to produce an array of Spanish and Catalan dishes that I hope you will all enjoy!

Rosemary Barron


My career in food began by accident when I realised that some of the foods I was enjoying in Crete were the same as those portrayed on remnants of Minoan pots from 4.000 years earlier. This was the beginning of a lifelong interest in Cretan food history and its place in Greek and European culture.

Fifteen years after that first archaeological encounter I went back to Crete to set up a cookery school Kandra Kitchen. It was based in a 450-year-old village house with a wood-burning oven an old stone bay for stomping grapes and a state-of-the-art kitchen. A few years later I combined the Cycladic island of Santorini in my courses too. Both attracted a great deal of interest and a number of accolades in the US and Canada. Two books followed Flavors of Greece (‘Editor’s Choice’ in the New York Times in 1991 and still in print: Flavours of Greece Grub Street London) and Meze: Small Plates, Big Flavors from the Greek Kitchen (Chronicle Books San Francisco).

More recently I’ve written about the foods wines and food culture of Crete Northern Greece and other interesting places for Food and Travel magazine and have given workshops and courses on Greek food and wine culture in places as far apart as Texas and Bangkok and in locations ranging from palatial to a meadow in Transylvania.

Louise Talbot founder and owner of Cutting the Curd Cheese Making Classes has a love of good food (especially cheese!) and appreciates a rural lifestyle. As a trained teacher she shares the lost art of cheese making and teaches the skills and knowledge required to confidently make a wide range of cheese in your home using raw farm or Supermarket milk vegetarian rennet and basic kitchen equipment.

The four hour class is a good mix of demonstration and hands-on and you’ll learn to make halloumi, mascarpone and mozzarella cheese and butter. You’ll also receive a folder of recipes and theory – you do need to understand the science of turning milk into cheese!

Fun relaxed and informative, Cutting the Curd Cheese Making Classes are a total immersion in all things cheese and include a cheesy competition and quiz! You’ll take home a selection of the cheese/butter … and will leave with the ability to make a wide range of cheese with techniques and tips for hard cheeses explained. Cheese kits (£30) will be available for purchase NOT compulsory but a service provided for those who’d like to get started at home straight away. Louise is a member of the Specialist Cheese Makers Association and The Guild of Fine Foods and guest tutor at many Cookery Schools including Waitrose, Leiths School of Food and Wine, Divertimenti and WI Denman College and is also a World Cheese Awards Global Cheese Awards and Great Taste judge.

Christian has been a chef for over 10 years now and has always worked in top end establishments. Starting off in restaurants and hotels in his local area of Bournemouth and Poole, he then extended his reach and has now also worked on a cruise ship, a 133m luxury mega yacht and a 55m sailing ship.

Known in the Bournemouth area as the Nordic Private Chef and Chocolatier Christian now specialises in multi course dining experiences cooking in peoples houses and making delicious hand crafted chocolates. For more information on Christian please see his facebook page www.facebook.com/nordic.private.chef and or his instagram account Nordic_Private_Chef.

Christian is half Norwegian and half English with strong ties to Norway with regular trips over the North Sea, not only to pick up his favourite chocolate in the world Melkesjokolade.

Christian is very much looking forward to sharing some of his knowledge at the Jericho Kitchen Cookery School.

Ghalid Assyb


My name is Ghalid Assyb, I was born in Morocco where I studied until the age of 21, and then moved to France My passion for cooking began at the age of 10. I was always attracted to the kitchen and cooking food with my mum, who was also a cook, she taught me the basics of cooking and also developed my pallet for good food and the use of the spices and the vegetables which were and still are available in abundance in my home city of Marrakech. In France I worked in different restaurants which helped me develop my cooking skills. I then moved to London where I worked at Baker ‘n’ Spice as a pastry chef for about a year. I became head pastry chef in one of their branches. I moved to open the first ever shop with Ottolenghi which included the development of new and exciting patisseries, also training new members of staff and developing their skills. I did this for about 5 years. I decided to leave to teach and share my passion with other people in different schools such as Divertimenti, Caldesi, The cookery school, The Bertinet kitchen in Bath and finally at Pimlico table I’ve helped a few people set up their own shops and develop their menus this being in London and also Turkey. I am very proud of the fact that some of my favourite recipes ended up in the first ever Ottolenghi cookery book.

Vince Langton

I caught the foodie bug when I was still at school. An extended family holiday to Switzerland showed me that there was so much more to meal times than the fantastic home cooked dishes my mum prepared every day. It was also my first trip abroad, so visiting somewhere with so many borders was like experiencing four or five countries in one go, and the food experience reflected this too. So I joined a luxury hotel chain straight from school to complete a three year apprenticeship & gain professional qualifications, then spent a further three years working around the brands numerous sites before a brief spell at John Burton-Race’s two Michelin starred L’Ortolan. The following years found me thriving in kitchens under Norman Cook at The Phyllis Court Club & Nigel Davis at The Halcyon Hotel Holland Park. The next thing I knew I was heading brigades in flagship sites for London restaurateurs such as Chez Gerard & Café Fish in the West End and then more recently having the pleasure of working alongside the illustrious Gennaro Contaldo while opening & fronting many of the Jamie’s Italian kitchens in the first five years in its journey as a massively successful & ground breaking brand. After much name dropping while cooking in four decades I returned to Oxford to work at favourites like Quod Brasserie, followed by a couple of seasons in Branca & then The Quince Tree at Stonor

From classical French methodology to modern kitchen favourites, seafood, desserts, British or Mediterranean style dishes I try to impart the tricks of the trade to help the home cook or aspiring chef to achieve the best results possible.

Yukiko Milne

Yukiko arrived in Oxford 10 years ago from Japan via America where she met her husband and is now most definitely settled here in Oxfordshire! If you follow Yukiko’s Instagram page you will see she is a keen home cook and experiments with lots of Japanese/English dishes. She is most definitely our resident Sushi expert and is slowing but surely introducing everyone to the benefits and joys of Japanese home cooking including gyoza and ramen classes.

Yukiko will dispel many untrue myths about sushi that we have here in the UK – prepared to be surprised by what you learn! Each class is full of interesting facts and top tips to make the Japanese cuisine something that you can recreate easily at home!

Daisy Watt

With a two Term Diploma in Food & Wine from Leiths, Daisy is a keen cook, lover of food, mother of five, with over twenty years of extensive family cooking with recent experience of big number catering. You will also often find Daisy cheffing at Wilderness too!

She is passionate about seasonal and locally sourced produce and an Ottolenghi super fan!

Simon began his journey into fermentation when he found some old demi-johns in a shed of the Walthamstow garden flat he moved into in 2000. First came country wines made from locally-foraged blackberries, rosehips, dandelions and elderberries. This lead to full-mash beer brewing to create live bottle-conditioned ales, porters and stouts. A member of a couple of home-brew clubs he is now a certified beer judge (BJCP).

Having lived on rye breads in Germany, Russia and Poland Simon was keen to escape the tyranny of Chorleywood bread and began to bake at home. From initial experiments with fresh yeast he moved onto sourdough. He began selling at markets with the Hornbeam Bakers Collective in 2008 and was a regular stallholder at Growing Communities Farmers Market in Stoke Newington.

In 2016 he co-wrote Ferment, Pickle, Dry – Ancient Methods, Modern Meals (Frances Lincoln).

Fermenting is one of Anna’s passions and she spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing various fermented foods and beverages. Some things she prepares only seasonally, like a master tonic and ginger beer, some just occasionally like vinegars and fermented carrots and garlic and some very week like fermented salsa, kombucha and some daily like milk kefir or every other day like water kefir.

She is always on the lookout for new recipes and ideas. Another one of Anna’s passions is bread – especially sourdough bread! More than 5 years ago she made her first sourdough starter and since then bakes all her own bread, flatbreads, pancakes, pies, dumplings, pasta and biscuits! .

Anna’s classes are always sold out and for good reason. The knowledge you will acquire in her classes is phenomenal – if you want to really understand fermenting we highly recommend Anna!

Niki Webster

For me plant-based eating isn’t a trend – as soon as I could get into the kitchen as a teenager I started to experiment (badly) to try and create the vegetarian food I wanted to eat.  Meat and two veg have always been off the agenda and through trial and error I was soon making the food I loved and I’ve continued to experiment ever since.

I think that everyone is different but for me eating a plant-based minimally processed diet full of vegetables, pulses, grains, nuts and seeds makes me feel the best (and of course it’s good for the environment and animal welfare – happy days).

You won’t find any limp lettuce of boring old school vegan food here though – when you’re as obsessed with vegetables, flavours and spices as I am it’s amazing what deliciousness can be created.

All my recipes are vegan, mostly naturally gluten-free (although I love a good sourdough), refined sugar-free but full of vibrancy and flavour. I try not to make my recipes overly complicated so they are as accessible as possible (I get turned off my complicated ones) I hope I can inspire you to love to cook as much as I do, with my easy, delicious and nutritious dishes.

When I launched Rebel Recipes in 2015 it was just a place to share my recipes and foodie passion. I had no idea where my food blog would take me. It’s pretty amazing that this has now become my full-time job and I couldn’t be any more happy and grateful.

Malcolm Gilmour

Malcolm Gilmour is an importer and writer on olive oil, supplying oil to Oxford restaurants such as Arbequina and writing for Olive Oil Times. He is also a certified olive oil taster from Spain’s Institute of Agrifood and Technology [or will be as of 23 March…!] and has a particular interest in different styles of oils from emerging regions. He also writes at malaxer.com

Venus & Chris

We’re Venus and Chris and we’re passionate self-taught home cooks. Chris grew up in Brisbane and used to sneak to his Vietnamese neighbours’ home for dinner and that was his first memories of Asian cuisine. Venus grew up in Manila, Philippines, with Filipino and Chinese parents, who both cooked.

We met in the UK in 2008 and both realised how much we enjoyed different cuisines especially Asian and Southeast Asian…and how much of our childhood revolved around good food memories. Our favourite lines are “Chris had me at anchovies” and “Venus had me at adobo”.

Chris started to cook again and Thai cooking is his first love, but also obsessed with Japanese soul food and izakaya. Venus does Filipino and Chinese dishes, especially ones her parents cooked at home. At the moment we are both learning more about Korean cuisine, starting with fried chicken!

We would love to share our passion for delicious food you share with family and friends, and to show that these are achievable with the right ingredients and tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way. Kain na tayo! (Filipino hello – Let’s eat!)

I grew up in the kitchen, and some of my earliest memories involve helping out in the kitchen (or rather, sneaking a taste whenever no one was looking!). I come from a family of foodies, and so good food has always been a huge part of my life. This has wrapped my life in a tapestry of influence, which has made a huge impact on the foods in cook! When I left Singapore for sixth form in the UK, I was left missing my Grandmother’s curry devil, and my mother’s amazing popiah.

I went vegan over five years ago, and I started to appreciate cooking in a way I hadn’t before. Cooking without animal products forces you to be a lot more creative, and it is truly amazing just how much plant foods can do! I now spend my time in Oxford doing my medical degree, and running my own recipe blog ‘The Sasha Diaries’ on the side.

A lot of my recipes draw inspiration from the cuisine back home, with its huge array of indian spices and plethora of asian herbs – you really don’t miss the meat at all! I am releasing a cookbook on plant-based asian food, which will be out in January 2019. So, watch this space!