Our Teachers

Ursula Ferrigno

Ursula Ferrigno is a talented cook and a prolific food writer with a deep love of Italian food. She is half-Italian and learned to cook as a child by assisting her grandmother preparing the traditional family dishes.,She returns regularly to Italy to visit family and to teach cookery. She writes for numerous food magazines including Taste Italia American Gourmet, Olive and Good Food, RSJ Restaurant, Books for Cooks, Caldesi and Divertimenti. Ursula is also a passionate baker. She teaches both professionals and amateurs to make an array of national and regional breads from ciabatta and focaccia to volcanic stromboli.

Carolina Catala-Fortuny

Originally from Barcelona in Spain where I lived and worked as a teacher for many years I decided to make my hobby my job and gained my Diplome in Cuisine and Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in London fourteen years ago. My experience in the food industry has been fast-paced and diverse. From pastry chef to head Chef and teacher in many leading establishments. ,,Now I split my time between teaching and running a busy kitchen. I teach about the food I understand best Mediterranean flavours and simple fresh quality ingredients treated with respect to produce an array of Spanish and Catalan dishes that I hope you will all enjoy!

Da-Hae West


Da-Hae West is a Korean cookery teacher, consultant and author of K-Food. Born in Busan, South Korea, Da-Hae moved to England when she was three. Watching her mother in the kitchen inspired a love of Korean food and in 2012, she opened Busan BBQ with her husband – a street food truck selling modern Korean food at pop up restaurants and markets across London. In 2015, Octopus Publishing published her first cookbook ‘K-Food,’ (later republished in paperback as ‘Eat Korean,’) – a mixture of the traditional dishes she grew up with along with ways to use Korean ingredients in a more modern way.

Da-Hae is an authority on Korean food, having worked as a researcher for Gizzi Erskine’s Seoul Food and Home Economist for John Torode’s Korean Food Tour as well as appearing on the BBC’s One Show and The Travel Channel’s Footie Shorts. She works closely with the Korean Embassy and Korean Cultural Centre as a cookery teacher and was a judge at their 2015 Global Taste of Korea Contest, a speaker at Hottest K-Food and often holds Korean cookery classes and food demonstrations.

Da-Hae will be teaching all our Thai, Korean and Chinese classes.

Louise Talbot founder and owner of Cutting the Curd Cheese Making Classes has a love of good food (especially cheese!) and appreciates a rural lifestyle. As a trained teacher she shares the lost art of cheese making and teaches the skills and knowledge required to confidently make a wide range of cheese in your home using raw farm or Supermarket milk vegetarian rennet and basic kitchen equipment.

The four hour class is a good mix of demonstration and hands-on and you’ll learn to make halloumi, mascarpone and mozzarella cheese and butter. You’ll also receive a folder of recipes and theory – you do need to understand the science of turning milk into cheese!

Fun relaxed and informative, Cutting the Curd Cheese Making Classes are a total immersion in all things cheese and include a cheesy competition and quiz! You’ll take home a selection of the cheese/butter … and will leave with the ability to make a wide range of cheese with techniques and tips for hard cheeses explained. Cheese kits (£30) will be available for purchase NOT compulsory but a service provided for those who’d like to get started at home straight away. Louise is a member of the Specialist Cheese Makers Association and The Guild of Fine Foods and guest tutor at many Cookery Schools including Waitrose, Leiths School of Food and Wine, Divertimenti and WI Denman College and is also a World Cheese Awards Global Cheese Awards and Great Taste judge.

Ghalid Assyb

My name is Ghalid Assyb, I was born in Morocco where I studied until the age of 21, and then moved to France My passion for cooking began at the age of 10. I was always attracted to the kitchen and cooking food with my mum, who was also a cook, she taught me the basics of cooking and also developed my pallet for good food and the use of the spices and the vegetables which were and still are available in abundance in my home city of Marrakech. In France I worked in different restaurants which helped me develop my cooking skills. I then moved to London where I worked at Baker ‘n’ Spice as a pastry chef for about a year. I became head pastry chef in one of their branches. I moved to open the first ever shop with Ottolenghi which included the development of new and exciting patisseries, also training new members of staff and developing their skills. I did this for about 5 years. I decided to leave to teach and share my passion with other people in different schools such as Divertimenti, Caldesi, The cookery school, The Bertinet kitchen in Bath and finally at Pimlico table I’ve helped a few people set up their own shops and develop their menus this being in London and also Turkey. I am very proud of the fact that some of my favourite recipes ended up in the first ever Ottolenghi cookery book.

Niki Webster

For me plant-based eating isn’t a trend – as soon as I could get into the kitchen as a teenager I started to experiment (badly) to try and create the vegetarian food I wanted to eat.  Meat and two veg have always been off the agenda and through trial and error I was soon making the food I loved and I’ve continued to experiment ever since.

I think that everyone is different but for me eating a plant-based minimally processed diet full of vegetables, pulses, grains, nuts and seeds makes me feel the best (and of course it’s good for the environment and animal welfare – happy days).

You won’t find any limp lettuce of boring old school vegan food here though – when you’re as obsessed with vegetables, flavours and spices as I am it’s amazing what deliciousness can be created.

All my recipes are vegan, mostly naturally gluten-free (although I love a good sourdough), refined sugar-free but full of vibrancy and flavour. I try not to make my recipes overly complicated so they are as accessible as possible (I get turned off my complicated ones) I hope I can inspire you to love to cook as much as I do, with my easy, delicious and nutritious dishes.

When I launched Rebel Recipes in 2015 it was just a place to share my recipes and foodie passion. I had no idea where my food blog would take me. It’s pretty amazing that this has now become my full-time job and I couldn’t be any more happy and grateful.

Yukiko Milne

Yukiko arrived in Oxford 10 years ago from Japan via America where she met her husband and is now most definitely settled here in Oxfordshire! If you follow Yukiko’s Instagram page you will see she is a keen home cook and experiments with lots of Japanese/English dishes. She is most definitely our resident Sushi expert and is slowing but surely introducing everyone to the benefits and joys of Japanese home cooking including gyoza and ramen classes.

Yukiko will dispel many untrue myths about sushi that we have here in the UK – prepared to be surprised by what you learn! Each class is full of interesting facts and top tips to make the Japanese cuisine something that you can recreate easily at home!

Marcia Barrington is an experienced chef, recipe writer and food creative. She was one of the original directors of the Divertimenti cookery school where she taught for over eight years; working with renowned chefs and food writers. She has worked with top events companies, held food consultancy posts and enjoyed a further directorship with a French cookery school brand. In 2010 she launched her own high-end catering company yet decided recently to return to teaching and focus on creating Mediterranean-led food content. Hence, she now spends her time split between her homes in London and Valencia, Spain. Her great passion is Spain, she practically grew up in the country – but her culinary inspiration is drawn from right around the Mediterranean region. So, you will find her sharing recipes online; teaching cookery classes; running events and writing all sorts of culinary tales from the Mediterranean – as well as hosting her new food tours in Valencia, Spain.

John Fernandez

[email protected]

John is a well seasoned chef with a wealth of knowledge and experience and also runs his own catering business whilst teaching at cookery schools nationwide.

He started his career spending a year in a gastronomic restaurant in the Alps before gaining experience at The Ritz, Park Lane and Browns before turning his hand to modern European cuisine in the capital and abroad.

Johns style is calm, friendly and informative, his motto is “time spent in the kitchen is time well invested”.  A welcomed experienced addition to our cookery school!

Miles Irving
Miles Irving is an internationally renowned wild foods expert, public speaker and the author of ‘The Forager Handbook’ – hailed by many as ‘the forager’s bible’.
He has worked with some of the world’s best chefs and restaurants. These include Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, Rene Redzepi, Magnus Nilsson and the Hix restaurants.
He has been a pioneer in the Wild Food Renaissance and has extensive knowledge of the unique flavours and stories of wild foods.
Frides O’Neill

From working on pop-ups to high-end restaurants, private homes and more, trained chef Frideswide O’Neill has developed her skills and love of food and drink for over 10 years now.

She is a passionate chef able to cater for a variety of events, from small private dinner parties to larger corporate or public events.

Whether you’re looking for canapés, sharing platters, bowl food or a three-course plated supper, you’ll be able to work together to create the perfect menu for your event. You can book Frideswide to cater your event right – just drop a line and we will connect you!


Sara Banerji and Roberta Catizone

Sara Banerji

About fifty years ago, when I was living in the South Indian hills I bought a government beehive for about £2. A muduvan, a tribal man, wearing only a cotton shirt, loincloth and bare feet in sandals went into the jungle and came back three days later with the front of his loincloth bulging with the swarm he had captured. He showed me how to guide the bees into hive with a feather, telling me how you had to respect them. My only bee handbook was a tattered Victorian volume called ‘Beekeeping in India by a lady resident. She did not mention things like bee suits or smokers. I wore a wide brimmed straw hat with a piece of mosquito netting to cover my face and riding gloves and took out the honey without smoke. I ended up with 5 hives, and made everything possible from the honey including mead.

We came back to England about 50 years ago. I have kept bees here ever since. I started with a hive in my city garden. They were wonderful bees making quantities of honey, but as the colony increased in size the bees were too close to neighbours, so I moved them onto our allotment which I share with the wonderful Roberta.. Sadly the bees do not thrive on the allotment and we have lost several colonies, probably because some of the allotment holders use pesticides, but all the same we get enough honey for our households.

I am the author of 11 published novels, teach creative writing to adults and create art and sculpture which I exhibit and sell.

Roberta Catizone

I started beekeeping about 4 years ago and my bees are on my allotment which I share with my lovely, lovely friend and neighbour, Sara Banerji – we are partners in crime. On our allotment, the bees can frolic about the flowering plants, bushes and trees which makes for delicious honey. I’m still learning about beekeeping through Sara, reading, talking to other beekeepers and trial and error. I have thoroughly enjoyed the beekeeping journey and see that it is a process whereby one can never say “I now know everything there is to know “. When trying to nuture living creatures in the outdoors, there are surprises at every junction, much like life – we learn as we go. I hope that I can continue learning and keeping bees for many years to come.

Christian Ørner


Christian Ørner is a half Norwegian, half English, Bournemouth based chef who runs SALT Cø. Private Chef and Chocolatier and the SALT Cø. Bakery and Patisserie.

Christian has been a chef for 14 years, cooking in various hotels and restaurant, a cruise ship, a Dutch Sailing ship and a 133m Mega Yacht.

SALT Cø. Private Chef and Chocolatier has been running since February 2017 and they bring the complete restaurant experience to the comfort of your own home. Specialising in Scandinavian and Modern European cuisines and of course the magical product that is Chocolate!

Christian and SALT Cø. Sous Chef Nico regularly do talks and demos down in Bournemouth as well as having done two TEDx talks, they are very much looking forward to returning to the Jericho Kitchen for what we are expecting to be yet another sell out class!