• Pizza making in the Teepee!!  ** NEW FOR 2019 ** After visiting Leah who runs Fitness on the Farm (an outdoor gym for those who love to exercise in the fresh air!) in Frilford near Abingdon and seeing her amazing venue and most importantly, that teepee!!!, we thought what a great idea it would be to hold some events there during the spring and summer months. So why not join Ursula and I in the Teepee and learn how to make your own authentic Neapolitan pizza at home, using simple ingredients and easy techniques. You will make the dough from scratch, learn how to stretch and shape it and top the classic melting mozzarella and tomato - you won't find a pineapple slice in sight!!! - Deliciously light and oh so tasty! With the farm’s fabulous purpose built pizza oven ready to go we know this class will be popular with you all! With plenty of parking and just 5 minutes drive from Abingdon – what is stopping you!!!  Why not check out their website www.farm-fit.co.uk to see what Leah gets up to and to see the farm in all its glory..
  • This class is the perfect way to start your journey into Food Fermentation.  It is simple to do, honestly!  By the time you leave the class you have will have several jars of fermenting goodness, countless notes to be able to make your own at home (and many variations too!).  Simon has written a book about the subject so he is the prefect person to impart this information to you.  Ask questions - lots of them it is the best way to learn! So some of the benefits of this type of preserving:
    • Makes food more digestible.
    • Fermented foods have more nutrients.
    • Chock full of good bacteria (probiotics).
    • Helps keep your immune system healthy.
    • Helps curb sugar cravings.
    • Lactic acid promotes growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.
    • Increases flavour of foods.
    Learn how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, preserved lemons and other vegetables and fruit ferments. Discover new ways of combining these ancient foods into everyday meals. At the end of the course you will have three items to ferment at home along with recipes and the knowledge and confidence to experiment further.  We will even provide the jars for you!!!
  • Welcome back to Niki aka Rebel Recipes!  Niki is fast becoming our gluten free cookery go to person.  Her recipe collection is immense.... So much to choose from it is an utter joy choosing menus for these classes.   So we thought we would introduce you to different dishes from breakfast through to dinner learning many top tips along the way about gluten free food and nutritional tips too! Get ready to go home and create these beautiful looking dishes:
    • Banana blueberry buckwheat pancakes with blueberry compote, coconut yoghurt and toasted walnuts
    • Harissa tofu flatbreads with creamy butterbean hummus
    • Heirloom tomato tart with a walnut base
    • Arancini balls with the best Marinara sauce
    • Vegan raspberry Bakewell tart
    Selling out pretty much as soon as we put them up so book early to avoid disappointment!
  • Working with Niki is an absolute joy!  Her recipes are not only delicious but look absolutely stunning too!  Whilst planning this course (in May!) I was transported to cold days with the need to have warming food.  The photo of the roasted purple sweet potato started the ball rolling.   So if you want to learn more about gluten free food but also if you want to learn some exciting new ideas for those foods you regularly use then this is the class for you. We will be making the following dishes:
    • Roasted purple sweet potato and cauliflower soup
    • Hoisin mushrooms steam buns (the image!)
    • Smokey lentils with harissa roast caulflower and aubergine
    • Mini pizza with spinach pesto roasted tomato, courgette & rocket
    • Salted Caramel Pecan pie
    With Niki's last class totally sold out we would advise booking early to avoid disappointment.  This lady is going places with a book deal and travels all over the world to share her fabulous food!