Advanced Chocolate Making with Christian Ørner – Saturday 30th May 2020 @ 3pm – 5.30pm


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Who doesn’t like chocolate, really?

SALT Cø. Private Chef and Chocolatier Christian Ørner returns to the Jericho Kitchen once again to show you about the magical ingredient that is Chocolate and to show you that there is so much more to Chocolate than buying a bar of it and eating in one go.

We will be doing two classes, a beginners chocolate class (SATURDAY 4th APRIL 2020) and a more advanced. Both can be done in conjunction with each other or singularly, however we do recommend doing the beginners class before attempting the advanced.

In this advanced class we will go through how we make the signature SALT Cø. Dessert, our 9 Textured Chocolate ‘Cake’. Making each of the textures, some of which are:

Sponge, sauce, cremeaux, ice cream, chocolate mirror glaze and learning how to use 100% chocolate.

The beginners class we will go through How Chocolate is made, where chocolate comes from, we will also temper chocolate for our very own chocolates that we will enjoy at the end of the class, we will also make truffles, whipped chocolate ganache as well as a delicious light chocolate mousse with roasted white chocolate.

We look forward to showing you some secrets of the chocolate world and also explaining how chocolate IS actually good for you!

8 in stock


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