Let your journey with bread begin with the ultimate bread just flour water and love!  If you have tried to make bread and failed then this the class for you.

If you have ever been on one of Ursula’s classes then you will know that it is impossible to leave without a love of what is being taught and you want just an ounce of the knowledge to start you off on your journey.  This class is going to be an absolute treat for any budding bread maker.

So, if you want to learn how to make bread this is the class for you.  Not only will you take home all the information you need to recreate bread at home but you will also learn how to make the following breads:

  • A basic dough – used in many breads
  • Mediterranean fougasse
  • Bagels
  • The true Ligurian focaccia from Recco – the true origin of focaccia
  • Your own biga which you will take away to grow for as long as you bake bread (mine is 17 years old now!!)

An absolute masterclass with plenty of time to ask Ursula as many questions as you can in the time!!! – book fast to avoid disappointment!   We will provide you with a light lunch to keep you going during the class.

This class is sponsored by Shipton Mill Flour!!!!   Each participant will receive a bag of flour a dough scraper from Shipton Mill.