A first for the Jericho Kitchen!!! We are moving away from Sourdoughs and Italian breads to bring you breads from around the Mediterranean.

We start in France with the classic Fougasse – this beautiful bread is a work of art and surprisingly simple to make – once you know how!!! This if often made with a sourdough and so learn how to create the shape and the choice is yours.

Then we move on to Greece for the classic pitta – no more plastic wrapped envelopes ready to fill with a myriad of fillings but a fresh simple wholemeal pocket of deliciousness.  Over the border to Turkey now the very adaptable pide bread – an oval shaped flatbread that is similar to the Western pizza style dough that contains a filling of your choice including the tomato and feta that we will have for a snack during the class!

Finally we finish back in France with something for those of you with a sweet tooth!  Ursula’s tried and tested light as a feather brioche.  Keep it simple or add your favourite chocolate to the mix – either way we know you will leave feeling confident how to reproduce these classic breads at home for a fraction of the cost of their supermarket counterparts and a whole lot tastier!!!

The perfect skill to learn in 2020!