Ursula Ferrigno is a talented cook with a deep love of Southern Italian food.  Half Italian and a noted teacher Ursula specialises in demonstrating the making of Italian breads, Italian soups, risottos, vegetables, fruit dishes and every kind of pasta dish. She has cooked on many TV programmes and is a prolific author.  She is also listed by the Guardian as one of their 10 top chefs to learn to cook with – and after a class with Ursula you will know why.
Fish is one of the most easily digested foods. Carefully prepared and cooked it provides interest in our diet as well as delicious versatile and healthy dishes.  In this class you will also learn how to source, prepare (scaling, gutting, skinning and filleting), cook and serve these different types of fish with ease once you get home!   We will be making the following dishes:
  • Spaghetti con calamari e limone – spaghetti with calamari and lemon
  • Coda di rospo con slaw di verdure – Monkfish with vegetable slaw
  • Spigola con burro al perperoncino arrosto e basilico – Seabass with roasted red pepper butter and basil

  • Nasello con salsa al limone conservata – Hake with preserved lemon sauce

We have had many requests for this class and we hope that it will prove very popular as it is our first purely fish class – so book fast to avoid disappointment!