Let us transport you to Singapore – Southeast Asian garden city and a foodies paradise.  There you will find a melting pot of different cultures and their rich food traditions – it is easy to see why the favourite pastime of many Singaporeans is eating delicious food and a common greeting isn’t “How are you?” but “Have you eaten?”

Our teacher is Sarada Wong, a passionate plant-based cook who was lucky enough to grow up there. What an incredible culinary upbringing! She will guide you in recreating some of her childhood favourites, a selection of local Malay delicacies with a plant-based twist.

This was what we made in the last class and Sarada is currently putting together a completely new menu but dishes similar to:

  • Sayur Lodeh (an assortment of vegetables in a light and delicately spiced coconut broth)
  • Aubergine Rendang (a drier very rich and aromatic coconut curry)
  • Tahu Goreng (a fresh vegetable & tofu salad with a sweet and tangy tamarind & peanut sauce)
  • Sambal (a hot and fragrant spicy chilli condiment commonly served all over Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia)
  • Lemon grass & coconut infused Rice – perfectly cooked, the Asian way

All dishes are suitable for gluten free and vegan diets. Only natural unrefined ingredients will be used, including the oils and sugars.  Book fast to avoid disappointment – the last class sold out in a week!