A very warm welcome to Jess who joins us from London for her first class with us here at the Jericho Kitchen.  This class is a totally hands-on, conversational fermentation workshop.  As an interactive class it will teach you the fundamentals of fermenting as well as learning how to create your own bespoke Ayurvedic inspired ferments to help balance your mind and body.

This class is the perfect way to start your journey into Food Fermentation.  It is simple to do, honestly!  By the time you leave the class you have will have several jars of fermenting goodness, countless notes to be able to make your own at home (and many variations too!)! So some of the benefits of this type of preserving:

  • Makes food more digestible.
  • Fermented foods have more nutrients.
  • Chock full of good bacteria (probiotics).
  • Helps keep your immune system healthy.
  • Helps curb sugar cravings.
  • Lactic acid promotes growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.
  • Increases flavour of foods.

We will be using as many seasonal vegetables and fruits as possible from Bonners in the Covered Market in Oxford that sources from local farms within 20 miles of the cookery school!  We will also provide you with containers to take everyone home!