A huge welcome back to Justine our resident forager and trained herbalist.

As with as many classes as possible we are only holding socially distanced ones in the fresh air so everyone can feel completely comfortable and relaxed at a very safe distance – we have a lot of space in the grounds!

For this class we are taking it further and embracing foraging on a next level, wildcrafting. After foraging and gathering our medicinal plants you will learn how to make healing oils and tinctures.

In this class we are concentrating on sleep.  Something that so many people struggle with whether it getting to sleep and or getting back to sleep.  After you have foraged learn how to make the following:

  • Pillow spray
  • Crafting teas that sooth and relax the body and mind
  • Creating your own tincture to aid a restful sleep
  • Learn what other medicinal plants can be harvested at different times of the year to aid sleep

We want to help you understand the impact of plants on your physical and mental health in a totally nature and positive way.  The feeling of well being after a class is almost guaranteed!  Fresh air, nature produce and inspirational teacher is a heady mix!

Participants must be aged 18 or if under 18 accompanied by an adult and dogs are not permitted on the course, sorry!   Book fast these classes will be extremely popular!