We are adapting our extremely popular Warborough class to bring you our Barefoot Kitchen version!    Let Ursula demo for you the art of making the most perfect risotto – get all the tips to go home and make a seamless bowl of creamy perfection – this time of year you can’t beat Savoy cabbage and bacon!

Then we will introduce you to gnocchi in its many different forms – it isn’t just potato that forms this deliciously light morsel.  So learn how, hands on!, to make the following which you can take home and have for lunch or dinner the next day!

  • Gnocco fitto con salumi – Fried gnocchi with salami
  • Gnocchi di patate – Potato gnocchi
  • Tondore – Ricotta gnocchi
  • Arancini di riso – Filled risotto croquettes

This is definitely one not to miss, the last time (and the first time!) Ursula had a class in the Barefoot Cafe in Walton Street, she had an audience outside for most of the class – she wants you to learn to cook with passion and simplicity with the best seasonal ingredients that we can get our hands on!