Our resident Indian expert, Samar, is back to bring you his first Supper Club with the Jericho Kitchen at our favourite supper club venue in Stadhampton in their amazing converted church.
Gujarati food may be India’s best kept culinary secret. Even in a country with as diverse and fragmented a cuisine as India, Gujarati food is renowned for its variety, extensive use of legumes, and distinct combination of sweet, sour and savory flavours, but it is practically unknown outside India.
In this Supper Club we’ll rectify that through a multi-course menu featuring classic home-style dishes, such as guvar dhokli nu shak, a vegetable casserole with fenugreek dumplings, and shrikhand, a creamy dessert made from yogurt flavored with mango, saffron and pistachios.    Dishes may evolve slightly and be adapted to what is seasonally available:
  • Deep fried chickpea flour snacks with a green papaya chutney
  • Cluster beans with fenugreek “dumplings”
  • Fenugreek & banana fritters
  • Fermented and steamed chana dal “cakes”
  • Dal made from dried, split pigeon peas
  • Sweet and sour yogurt “soup”
  • Rice pilad with dried, split pigeon peas
  • Hung yoghurt flavoured with saffron & mango
  • “Pancakes” stuffed with saffron-infused dal
  • all served with flatbread, coriander & coconut chutney and a yogurt drink spiced with black salt & roasted cumin seeds

Obviously come hungry!!!