No Korean meal is complete without the ubiquitous kimchi – the spicy, tangy vegetable that sits in every Korean fridge.  We know it is good for us but have you run out of ideas of how to eat it?!

Learn how to make the traditional Baechu (cabbage) kimchi and how to use it as an ingredient to cook an array of other Korean dishes including:

  • Kimchi Jeon: Spicy, savoury kimchi pancake with soy vinegar dipping sauce
  • Kimchi Mandu: Steamed kimchi and tofu dumplings
  • Kimchi Bokkeumbap: Easy kimchi fried rice

Da-Hae has written a fabulous book on Korean food entitled K Food published in 2016 so she is mind of information on the subject. Since joining us in September all her classes have sold out so book fast to avoid disappointment!