Regardless of ability, this carefully designed course was built to teach the foundations of cooking.  Give you child the most important life skill you can…the gift of cooking wholesome, balanced and delicious food.

Only prerequisite is a love of food, fun and a hunger to learn (and taste loads!!) in a safe and inspiring environment.

There’s so much more to learn when food is used as a vehicle. So much history, geography, science, maths, new textures, flavours, techniques to feed and nourish these growing minds.

The best bit is it’s the gift that keeps on going so send them in with some containers and if our mantra of “caring is sharing” is observed you may get a taster! Unless it was all too delicious that is 🙂

  • Welsh rarebit
  • Sticky bbq chicken
  • Teriyaki salmon
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Mango mousse
  • Chocolate chip cookies

Please let us know any allergies or special dietary requirements.  This class is suitable for all levels.