With summer just around the corner we thought Moroccan Mezze would be the perfect new class to introduce you to.

This is a style of dining in the Middle East that resembles a collection of Spanish tapas and other small plates meant to stimulate your appetite. But unlike those appetizers, mezze often makes up an entire meal, combining both cold and hot, vegetarian and meat dishes.

You will feast on the following along with a very traditional Moroccan mint tea!

  • Houmous – not your supermarket version at all!!!
  • Moutabal – a tahini and smoked aubergine dip
  • Mouhamara – a hot pepper dip with pomegranate
  • Chicken Shawarma – BBQ Chicken marinated in yoghurt & harissa
  • Moroccan flatbreads
  • Fatouch – fresh vegetable salad with fried pita breads
  • Frekeh – a dried green wheat salad
  • Maamoul – biscuits filled with dates and pistachios

As will all Ghalid’s classes they sell out fast so book early to avoid disappointment!