Perfect Pasta – with Ursula Ferrigno – Sunday 17th March 2019 – 11.30 – 2.30pm


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In Italy hardly a meal is served without pasta, it is the most important part of the multi course meal.   This class is perfect for all levels,  as with over 20 years experience of teaching, you are in the most experienced hands with Ursula!

In this beginners class you will make pasta from scratch and then learn how to make your own pasta shapes including lasagna sheets, tagliatelle and ravioli.   You will learn how to make two types of pasta in this class the traditional egg pasta but also the water based semolina style pasta – each shape differs with its preference to a specific type of pasta!!

Ursula will demonstrate many other shapes but these will be taught in more detail in the next pasta class Advanced Pasta on Saturday 11th May 2019 which includes coloured pasta.

Ursula Ferrigno is a talented cook with a deep love of Southern Italian food. Half Italian and a noted teacher Ursula specialises in demonstrating the making of Italian breads, Italian soups, risottos, vegetables, fruit dishes and every kind of pasta dish. She has cooked on many TV programmes and is a prolific author.   

These classes are selling out fast these days so book early to avoid disappointment.

8 in stock

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