The joy of finding you have a slot in the schedule to fit in the most perfect class if you love baking the Italian way.  This is a brand new class and it was after scrolling through Ursula’s instagram feed that we came up the idea.  So many wonderful recipes that you maybe you haven’t come across before.

We want everyone to feel confident when baking so we will introduce you to the basics of bread making with traditional flours but also with spelt.  You will take home your own biga too to continue your bread making journey.  We will be making the following recipes and learning more about the region they come from and what inspires their creation – from the Dominites to Puglia and inbetween!

  • Roman Spelt flour grissini – perfect little snacks that we wrap with rosemary – great gift ideas too!
  • Focaccine – a relation of focaccia but much thinner, lighter, crisper and crunchy – fill it with fillings such as goats cheese and grilled vegetables or even bresaola, mascarpone and rocket
  • Artichoke torta or savory tart made with yeasted (enriched) dough filled with artichokes, mint and caciocavallo cheese served in pasticceria’s all over Puglia!
  • Brioche blackberry and apple nut tart with almond praline and served with honey yoghurt – change for seasonality – the photo is of British cherries but you can use plums or even grapes – it is utterly divine.  Brioche need to prove overnight so Ursula will make up a batch and bring that for you to make the tart the same day, enabling you to take home your own batch of brioche to use the next morning – including a recipe we will give you for pizza dolce – brioche base with apricots and grapes with a lemon and ricotta filling.

We will provide you with a light working lunch so make sure you have a good hearty breakfast before this class!!!  We can’t wait!!  As always lots of tips and plenty of time to ask the Queen of Italian baking as many questions as possible.