Sourdough Bread Making with Simon Poffley – Sunday 25th November 2018 @ 11.30am – 2.30pm


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We welcome back Simon for his fifth sourdough class with us at the Jericho Kitchen!   For the same price as 20 loaves of good quality sourdough you can master the art for yourself and never look back!

Using sourdough culture is an ancient method of making bread. Come and learn the basics of this wonderful technique to bake incredibly nutritious and tasty loaves. You will learn to make sourdough starters and production leavens and experiment with different doughs. By the end of the workshop your own handmade sourdough loaf will be ready to take home together with your own starter for future baking, recipes and a handful of new skills.

Not only that but Simon as written a book entitled Ferment, Pickle, Dry – Ancient Methods, Modern Meals (Frances Lincoln) – he is a brain well worth picking when he comes to the Jericho Kitchen!  If you were interested in booking this and the Lactic Fermentation class on Sunday 13th May 2018 we would offer you a 20% discount on both classes!

Out of stock