If you have ever been on one of Ursula’s classes then you will know that it is impossible to leave without a love of what is being taught and you want just an ounce of the knowledge to start you off on your journey.  This class is going to be an absolute treat for any budding bread maker.

Master the art of making your own sourdough and leave knowing that you can make your own loaves for yourself and never look back!

Using sourdough culture is an ancient method of making bread. Come and learn the basics of this wonderful technique to bake incredibly nutritious and tasty loaves. You will learn to make sourdough starters and experiment with different doughs. By the end of the workshop your own handmade sourdough loaf will be ready to take home to cook together with your own starter for future baking, recipes and a handful of new skills.

We will provide you with a delicious on the hoof lunch with seasonal local ingredients to keep you going throughout the class!