Ramen! with Yukiko Milne – Saturday 12th May 2018 @ 11am – 2pm


Ramen…. When we ask people what they want to learn after our Sushi classes they all say Ramen! So if you love ramen and want to learn how to make one from scratch at home, this class is for you.   This class can be vegetarian if you wish!!

Ramen making consists of 3 components; noodle, broth and toppings. There are 4 types of basic broth; soy sauce, salt, miso and tonkotsu.

In this hands-on class, Yukiko will demonstrate how to make the basic soy sauce broth with chicken and vegetables, as well as explaining how to make two of the most popular toppings; egg and pork chashu.  During the class the cooking time is cut short by using the pressure cooker. Once mastered this dish is super easy to make and super healthy too!

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