When Kay started writing Baan (her latest book) Kay knew as clearly what she didn’t want, as what she did. She says she didn’t want to simplify Thai cooking, but rather to demystify it.  “People say to me, ‘I can’t get my head round Thai cooking’ or ‘I look at the list of ingredients and I don’t go any further, it seems so complicated,’” she says. “I want to say, ‘no, it’s not that complicated.’

So get ready to learn how to bring Thai food to your kitchen.  With this jam packed menu – come hungry!!!

  • Nam Prik Ong – Northern pork & tomato relish
  • Kai Toon – Steamed savoury egg custard
  • Gaeng Keow Wan – classic green curry with chicken
  • Pad Pak Boon Fai Daeng – Stir fried morning glory
  • Nam Prik Kapi – Shrimp paste relish, served with crudities
  • Jasmine rice
  • Gluay But Chi – Bananas poached in coconut milk

We think this class is going to be extremely popular – so book fast to avoid disappointment!