Ursula Ferrigno is a talented cook with a deep love of Southern Italian food. Half Italian and a noted teacher Ursula specialises in demonstrating the making of Italian breads, Italian soups, risottos, vegetables, fruit dishes and every kind of pasta dish. She has cooked on many TV programmes and is a prolific author.  She is also listed by the Guardian as one of their 10 top chefs to learn to cook with – and after a class with Ursula you will know why.

So for our November class we have incorporated lots of seasonal vegetables and added a dash of the Med!  Our carefully put together menu also means you get to learn the basics of bread making and pasta making too.

  • Pane di olive con cipolla fracita – Olive bread with onion filling
  • Gnocchi di pate con pesto di rucola e noci – Gnocchi with rocket pesto
  • Lasagne Tricolore – Spinach, fennel & tomato lasagne
  • Peperoni arrosto con carciofi, pecorino e noci – Roast peppers with artichokes, pecorino and nuts
  • Sicilian Cannoli

As will all of Ursula’s classes they book up fast so avoid disappointment and get booking!