The Japanese Vegetarian with Yukiko Milne – Saturday 23rd February 2019 @ 11.30am – 2.30pm


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This home cooking course will introduce you to the simple, healthy, economic and delicious vegetarian dishes that the Japanese cook in their homes.

Shira-ae is a seasonal vegetable side dish mixed with pureed soft silken tofu with ground pan roasted sesame seeds and seasoned with mirin, miso and soya sauce.

Kinpira Gobo is a simple Japanese stir fry with seasonal vegetable such as braised carrot & burdock root, cooked with a soy sauce, mirin and sugar sauce.

Alongside sushi and ramen, tempura is another mandatory menu item in Japanese restaurants.  Encased in a crunchy, crispy yet light batter, these perfectly deep fried vegetable are seriously addictive!  We will be using The Oxford Mushroom Company’s shitake and oyster mushrooms grown 15 minutes from the school!

Tofu Miso soup/Konbu (seaweed soup stock)   Seaweed, ginger, garlic, and soybeans, in the form of miso and tofu, combine to lend flavor and nutrients to a delicate soup. This soup is brimming with soy, an excellent source of protein as well as antioxidants.

Leave feeling super healthy!!!


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