A very warm welcome to Miles Irving and our first of hopefully many foraging classes here at the Jericho Kitchen.

Miles is an internationally renowned wild foods expert, public speaker and the author of ‘The Forager Handbook’ – hailed by many as ‘the forager’s bible’. He has worked with some of the world’s best chefs and restaurants. These include Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, Rene Redzepi, Magnus Nilsson and the Hix restaurants. He has been a pioneer in the Wild Food Renaissance and has extensive knowledge of the unique flavours and stories of wild foods – so we are very lucky to have him!

The day will centre around getting to know common edible wild species of plants. We want everyone one to leave with the confidence to identify, harvest and use plants which grow near homes- wild ingredients which can easily become part of your diet.

We will show you plants growing near the cookery school and help you focus in on their identifying features so you can recognise them, with close attention to the kinds of places you are likely to find them.

After having gathered some of all we find, we will retire to the kitchen and show you how to prepare simple dishes with them. During the day, Miles will tell you about all the benefits to both ourselves and our surrounding ecosystems which follow from people engaging with wild land by eating wild foods- essentially of getting back into the food chain of your local surroundings.

We will be running another class on Friday 12th June!  Book fast to avoid disappointment!